Clash Space Shooter: Our first project

Clash Space Shooter was our first game. We were adapting to a new environment for game development using Unity, and Clash was a fun challenge since we decided to make it so it was the opposite of a “Smup” in some way.


It is still a “Bullet Hell” game and at first look there is little difference with the rest of the genre. There is a fundamental difference: “Shoot ‘Em Ups” usually focus on pre-arranged enemies and bullet choreography while Clash Space Shooter was designed to do the opposite. Enemies are pre-arranged only in a type-per-stage way, meaning we only decide which kind of enemies appear on a stage or level.


The game uses a lot of data to spawn the enemies: the stage that is being played, the current performance on said stage, and so on. With this info, the spawners decide when and where to spawn an enemy. Also, once an enemy is spawned, it is up to itself to decide its behaviour: whether it moves to the left, to the right, teleports, attacks, etc. Some enemies do a better job conserving their energy and life so they stay longer trying to kill you. Others don’t do such a good jog, so either they die or they get exhausted and leaves the stage.

About to die from severe Boss indigestion

About to get owned by a boss and a few of its henchmen. Maybe I can hide behind an asteroid…

On top of this we included a stat system so the player can focus on improving the ship as the player wants. Of course, we also added a skill system, allowing the player to configure the ship’s special shoot and even some in-game variants like bonus duration, asteroid field creation and a few more. Besides we designed the game so it could be played in landscape or portrait mode, and we gave the player the ability to change the zoom in order to increase or decrease screen space and thus affecting the difficulty of the game.


All in all, we are very happy with the final game, it was challenging but fun. Simple mechanics but complex bits here and there. We are working very hard on our new projects but whenever I have 5 minutes to play a Survival Challenge I still enjoy it a lot.

Booss 4 Partial animation graph

Animation graph for one the animations of 4th boss. Closest to hell I’ve ever been :)

Hint: the Secret Move that is refered in the tutorial last page is performed by going through the boss when the text “Finish Him” appears. Don’t worry, during that time your ship is invulnerable! ;)


– Juan Mora –



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