Project 3 has started moving

Project 3 is an arcade platformer that wants to take after two of my favorite games: Gouls ‘n Ghosts and Ikaruga. After some technical tests and a little design time, we have already started to work in the prototype of our new game: Project 3. This prototype will be inspired in retro arcade platform games and the intention is to make it difficult. We also want to use it to showcase the full game in any event we assist to. We are using some beautiful art assets from CoingStudio, BitGem and GoldExperience Team and the game will have a cartoonish style. We are very excited about this game.


We are already working on the GDD and using the prototype for validating the project idea and the mechanics. Besides we are doing a few experiments with the prototype: auto camera repositioning and how it affects player’s response, 2D game path construction from 3D stages to test if players can overcome paths that defy standard 2D game displacement over the map, music interaction through character actions to motivate players and increase satisfaction, and a few more so if you want to help, check the different prototype versions we will be releasing and give us your feedback.


– Juan Mora –

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