3Heroes – 3rd prototype

The 3Heroes prototype is coming along quite well so I thought (promised) I’d share a video to show how it’s going. We have some problems with color over-saturation and there are still bugs lurking in the depth of the physics and battle systems, but other than that it getting quite fun to “test” it :)

Now that the basic functionality is finished we are working on a few more test levels with everything it should have: dynamic objects responding to game events like secret paths, traps activating with the music, a little bit of exploring and of course improving the battle experience.

We are assisting the Barcelona Gamelab 2014 next week and even if we don’t have our own room/booth/stand we hope to get some feedback. After that, we’ll decide either to discard it and work on something else, rework the core idea to change and improve it, or start the production and aim for the moon (our moon, the close one you know, not a distant unreachable moon)…

See you soon!


PS: playing with light in one of the other testing levels

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-02 17.59.04

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