We are still here!

Hi. It’s been er… a lot of time since our last update, hasn’t it? About 3 months… We have been really busy working on some prototypes and kind of left the website a bit abandoned. We are sorry for that. Let’s do a quick recap of what is going on:

  • Where have you been?

Here! Just very busy. There is a lot of work to do and not many people or time to do it.

  • What are you doing now?

Currently we are working on a new game. From 3 good prototypes, there was one that caused a good impression because it has ships and explosions so we are working on it. The others are still being working on.

  • No, I mean “What are you doing now”?

Oh. Well, I am writing this post… just kidding. I am trying to finish the tutorial for our new game so I can show it to someone at the hóPLAY and Fun&Serious game festivals. I know a tutorial does not seem like much but there is a lot going on behind it. There is actually a many modules completed, just they don’t have stages that use them.

  • Wait, you said ships? What about 3Heroes?

3Heroes is one of the prototypes we are working on, but there is still some things to test. After playing with it, the game is “crying” for a multiplayer implementation so it’s being rewritten. Meanwhile, ships and explosions! We are taking everything we learned with Clash: Space Battle and making a new game, this time with bigger ambitions.

  • Can I see it? The game?

I am working on that too :). I will update the website with new screenshoots, a project status page, and the project will have its own sub site that will be updating regularly so you can always know how it is going.

  • When will it be ready?

We are hoping to enter beta by the end of December. The designers are working hard on the content for the first episode, our game designer is balancing the game and making sure the experience is as good as possible and I am putting everything together while trying not to break it.


So that’s it for the moment. Soon the project website will be up and running and you will know more about out new game.

We hope you like it!




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